Lifegroups Ministry

We believe connecting with other believers and experiencing life together is a key element to living out our faith. Each LifeGroup has 6 to 12 people and typically meets weekly in the home of the group leader or at the church. LifeGroups study the Bible together and discuss relevant issues, serve together and have fun! If you are interested in joining a LifeGroup, contact Paul Weece at or Janel Armstrong at for information.

  • Lifegroup Childcare

    Childcare will be available on Sunday evenings from 5:30-8:30pm. It has ended for the summer and will resume in the fall. The price is $5 for one child, $8 for two children and $10 for three or more. You can pay as you go or save some money and pay for the whole semester at once. The semester price is $80 for one child, $100 for two children or $120 for three or more. 

  • Lifegroup Leaders

    Click here to download a template for your LifeGroup Covenant.

    To view the LifeGroup Leader Training Seminar from August 2015, click on the following video links:

    LifeGroup Leader Training: Session 1

    LifeGroup Leader Training: Session 2

    LifeGroup Leader Training: Session 3