Adult Classes & Studies

SUNDAY | 9:45 am

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February 6th-March 6th

A 5 week elective class to encourage Christ-centered parenting of birth through young adults.  Among the topics we will cover are: discipline, technology, spiritual growth and sexuality.

School of Applied Theology
February 6th-April 17th

"The Person & Work of Jesus in a Pluralistic Age"

Church Builders

Room 36/38 | Facilitators: Larry Zirkle, Bill Stone (50+)

In-person & Zoom options


Room 34 | Facilitator: Details

One in the Spirit

Room 18 | Facilitator: Terry Carpenter

Life 101

Room 21 | Facilitator: Paul Weece


9:30 am | Resumes January 25th

The Hub | Nancy Fried & Jim Johnson

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GENESIS: in the beginning … grace, faithfulness, & redemption

The book of Genesis contains some of the most well-known stories in the Bible—the creation, the fall, the flood, and the lives of the patriarchs.  But these are more than just good stories.  These narratives reveal much about human nature and the nature of God. More importantly, they form a unified account that lays the groundwork for God’s relationship with humanity. Throughout Genesis, we see God’s sovereign hand, his love and mercy, his faithfulness, his holiness, and his grace upon undeserving humanity.  The themes throughout Genesis allow us to grasp the big picture for understanding the rest of the Bible and its teaching that Jesus is the fulfillment of God’s promise to save humankind from sin and death.


Join us as we study the main narrative themes in this foundational book.  This study is designed to teach you how to study the Bible and dig deeper into God’s word with weekly homework lessons and class discussion.  Jim’s theological perspective the second hour ties it all together and provides valuable application for living as followers of Christ.


10:00 am | Resumes January 5th

Adult Bible Study every 1st and 3rd Wednesday

Library | Jim Johnson

10:00 am

Primetimers (60+) Bible Study every 2nd and 4th Wednesday

Hosted by the Daughertys

6:30 pm | Resumes January 19th

Adult Study

Sanctuary | Jim Johnson


8:00 pm

The Table, Study for College Students

316 N. Husband Street | Drew Moss and Scot Irwin


Woven Women's Studies

Spring 2022 | Register Here