Women's Ministries

The Women's Ministry at Sunnybrook Christian Church focuses on helping women grow more mature as followers of Jesus and as committed disciple-makers. Weekly events that encourage fellowship are designed to help you get to know other Sunnybrook women so that discipleship can take place. We encourage you to attend these events so that you can engage in Christian community and more effectively serve in the body of Christ.

For more information on Women's Ministries, contact DiAnn Brown at dbrown@sunnybrookcc.org.

  • Just for Women Sunday Study

    It is just what it says... a Sunday School class just for gals! This class meets every Sunday morning at 9:30 am in Room 7 and is facilitated by Loretta Cartinhour.

  • Conversations

    Ladies, join us as we get to know other women in our community and discuss a different topic each week. Our topics may include joy, fear, insecurity, family, home, identity, etc. This class will include discussions in a small group setting. "Conversations" will meet at the Family Resource Center (719 N. Walnut St.) from noon to 1:00pm on Wednesdays following the OSU calendar. For more information, contact DiAnn Brown. 

  • tuesday Bible studies

    Join us beginning September 17th as we dig deeper into God's word through one of our Bible studies. You can choose from one of our studies below:

    Tuesday Mornings with Nancy and Jim

    2 Peter and Jude are two small books of the New Testament which are often unrecognized for their special contribution to Christian living.  These two short letters expose the seductive influence of false teaching that was infiltrating the first-century church with doctrinal and moral perversions. What was threatening the stability of these early believers is as common today as it was in the first century.  And the prescription of 2 Peter and Jude to combat this threat is as applicable to us as it was then.  These two books challenge believers of all times to know the truth, grow in the knowledge of God, and live in expectation of Jesus’ return.

    This study is designed to teach you how to study the Bible and dig deeper into God’s word with weekly homework lessons and class discussion.  Jim’s theological perspective the second hour ties it all together and provides valuable application for living as followers of Christ.

    For more information, contact Nancy Fried at nanjfried@sbcglobal.net or Brenda Sanders at johnnbren@sbcglobal.net

    Tuesdays with DiAnn will be meeting in the Church Builder's room, #36/38. We will be reading Meeting God in Scripture by Jan Johnson. This journey will include worship through singing, reading scripture, and prayer. The cost for Meeting God in Scripture is $14.

  • WOmen's Encounter

    Encounter is an opportunity to get away and meet with God about our relationship with him and the responsibilities he’s given us. We will spend our time focusing on the simple truth of the gospel and its profound implications on our life. There will be 12 sessions in which you will hear teaching from the Bible, testimonies from women, and have time to reflect on what it means to surrender your life to Jesus and walk in the freedom that only he can give.

    If you recognize a need for a change, are struggling with something you can’t overcome, feel stagnant in your faith in Jesus, or could use a weekend away with other women to be encouraged and equipped, this would be a great opportunity for you! 

    Click HERE for more information.