junior high retreat

This is a great time to hang out, hike, worship, and hear Biblical teaching. We will be sleeping in an awesome lodge! You will need money for two meals (on the way there and home), sleeping bag, pillow, flashlight, Bible, pen & paper, shoes for hiking, toiletries and a towel. You can also check out Spring Valley Ranch at springvalleyranchok.com. 

Student | $95   +   Adult | $65

$30 Deposit | Due October 1st

Final Payment & Forms | Due October 17th

2021 Sunnybrook Student Release

Spring Valley Ranch Release - Download

(scan/email to abutler@sunnybrookcc.org or bring by the office)

Parent follow up

Parents, here are some ways that might help your child apply what they hear at our HighPoint retreat this weekend. Here is a little information on the retreat and a few debrief questions you might ask your child as they come home:

THEME: Jesus is the Light

Key Verse - John 8:12: “I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.” 


On the first night we challenged the students to think about “light and darkness.” We helped them see that Jesus used the idea of “living in the light” to describe what it was like to follow Him. On the other hand, we helped them understand that “living in darkness” characterizes a sinful life lived apart from Jesus.

To help them visually understand this, the students wrote down several areas of their lives where they were living in the light (following Jesus), and several areas where they were living in darkness (specific sins they were struggling with). 

-You might ask your child to share with you what they wrote on their card. Ask about where they are struggling to follow Jesus.  Ask about where they are doing well. 

-You might ask them to show you the candle they brought home. Have them explain to you the significance of the candle activity and where they placed their candle in relation to the cross. 


On Saturday night we challenged each student to live life as a light for Christ. (Matthew 5:14). We helped them understand that as we live as children of light, we “shine like stars in the universe” (Philippians 2:15). To help them visually understand this we had the students take sky lanterns and release them into the sky symbolizing that we “light up” the world and “shine like stars.” 

-Ask you child about releasing the burning sky lanterns into the sky during the night hike. Have them explain to you what that symbolized. 

We appreciate your partnership!

Drew and Morgan