Sunnybrook Kids, Students, and COVID-19

As we move forward with a modified version of our kids/student programming in the summer of 2020, here are some general COVID-19 related guidelines we’ll be following: 

1.) We value our kids/student physically being together in the most appropriate ways considering our current circumstances.

2.) In light of the current rise and/or decline in COVID-19 cases, we will ask the question: Is this a necessary/wise event to have now?  This thinking will guide us as we move forward with programming or possibly have to postpone or cancel events. 

3.) Vehicle Travel: As we take trips in vehicles, we will require that everyone wear a mask while in the vehicle. We are also going to be lessening the numbers of kids/student in our vehicles so as not to max out the capacity and give more space between each person.

4.) Social Distancing with students: We will encourage social distancing at all of our events and will strive to remind them when they aren’t practicing social distancing. 

5.) We will always be flexible knowing things can change.


In response to a request the City of Stillwater issued Friday evening, the leadership at Sunnybrook has decided to cancel all Sunday morning activities and gatherings this week – no services and no Sunday School.  We will communicate more details on Saturday via email, Facebook and on our website.  One online service will be available on the Sunnybrook Facebook page on Sunday morning. 


It is always appropriate to trust God for His provision, wisdom, and discernment - and we are.  For now, we will continue to hold services, Sunday school classes, and Bible studies as normal. As the COVID-19 situation intensifies, Sunnybrook’s leadership will remain in regular prayer and consultation, monitor the CDC website for updates, and stay alert for government directives that apply to Stillwater and our congregation. We are also consulting with healthcare professionals that attend Sunnybrook to include their perspective in our decision making. We will take the necessary and appropriate steps to mitigate risk and remain compliant as the situation evolves. If you feel ill, have any sign of respiratory illness, run a fever, etc., please stay home until it passes.  

We will live stream the sermon from the Sunday morning 9:30am service on the Sunnybrook Facebook page for those who stay home due to illness or concerns about vulnerability.

If you have any questions or concerns, contact any member of the ministry staff or an Elder.

- Leadership of Sunnybrook Christian Church


View our latest and previous updates below on how Sunnybrook is navigating the COVID-19 restrictions/changes. We are currently planning to resume our in-person services May 17th. Online services will be available until further notice for those who feel more comfortable staying home. Please watch the video below for further explanation on what that will look like.