Long-Term Partners

Jesse & Karie Pryor | Ap Ma Outreach Project – Papua New Guinea

Luke & Lindsey Greer | Orchard Group- U.S.A.

Brandon & Kimber Reitz | Student Mobilization- Stillwater, OK

Austin & Amanda Ganyo | Training Tomorrow's Leaders - Ghana, Africa

Gena Hellman | Campus Crusade - Stillwater, OK

Drew & Amy Moss | F.O.C.U.S. (The Table) - Stillwater, OK

Jay & Caitlin Greer and Sam & Rachel Martin | Mustard Seed - Osaka, Japan

Mac & Olivia Johnson | ProEm - Poland

Victor & Amanda Rodriguez - Crossroads Missions - Piedras Negras, Mexico

Matt Johnson | Crossroads Missions - Piedras Negras, Mexico

Casa de Paz (House of Peace) - Piedras Negras, Mexico

Blake & Kristy Ferrell | Restoration Church - Clearwater, FL

Chip Parks | Help Build Hope - Stillwater, OK

Jim & Emily Frost | International Students, Inc - Stillwater, OK

Alia Alzyoud | Lightbearers - Stillwater, OK

Steven Oliver | Lightbearers - Stillwater, OK

Mitch Williamson | The Navigators - Stillwater, OK

Cookson Hills


Ozark Christian College

Long-Term Support

Financial Assistance for Full Time Global Outreach

please fill out the following form to request financial assistance for longer term, full time missions work: Missions: Long Term Support Request.   The committee considers requests once a month.  You will get an email confirmation that the request has been received with an idea of when it will be considered.  If you have any questions, please contact steve@sunnybrookcc.org.  Note, we are only considering requests from those meaningfully involved at Sunnybrook at this time.

Listed below are criteria the Sunnybrook missions committee employ when evaluating support requests:

  • Review of the support request application
  • We give priority to ministries that emphasize preaching the gospel to the lost and discipling those who are converted.   
  • We give priority to full-time missionaries.  
  • We give priority to those who have a clear conviction of the Holy Spirit’s call.  
  • We give priority to those from the Sunnybrook family. 

Video Report Back Guidelines

Click here for guidelines.