The Scc Institute

The vision for the SCC institute is to make whole disciples who take responsibility for their spiritual growth. We believe healthy followers of Jesus GO, GATHER, and GROW. Focused especially on GROWth, the SCC institute trains and grows disciples through Core Classes, the Accelerated Training Program, the School of Discipleship, and the School of Theology. For more information contact Ryan Vincent.

  • Section 1: Core Classes

    Core Classes cover the basics at Sunnybrook, including membership and any class that teaches through books of the Bible. Core Classes give you a place to earn about God's Word and a people to grow with along the way.  Click here for core class handouts and recordings.

    1100  | Membership Matters (a six week class in the Spring & Fall, yearly)

    1200 | Books of the Bible (or, weekly Sunday School)

    1300 | "Bible in Ten" (ongoing, related to sermon series)

    1400 | Tuesday Morning Bible Studies (Spring & Fall, yearly)

  • Section 2: Accelerated Training Program

    The Accelerated Training Program (ATP) is for anyone at Sunnybrook wanting to explore foundational questions about God, the Bible, and how they fit into its story. You'll learn how God's story shapes your beliefs and see how to live out his plan for reconciling and redeeming the world in your own life. Our goal in the ATP is to creat a firm foundation in just one year to prepare you for the Schools of Discipleship and Theology. Classes are held on Wednesday evenings in the Spring and Fall. 


    2100  | The Story of Scripture (Fall 2018, 1st six weeks)

    2200 | Major Doctrinal Beliefs (Fall 2018, 2nd six weeks)

    2300 | Introduction to Christian Formation (Spring 2019, 1st six weeks)

    2400 | From Reading to Studying to Learning (Spring 2019, 2nd six weeks)

  • Section 3: The School of Discipleship

    The School of Discipleship (SOD) is for those who have attended a Men's or Women's Encounter Weekend and have completed the Post-Encounter classes. The School of Discipleship is designed to train men and women to engage more deeply in the discipleship process. Our vision for discipleship at Sunnybrook is that we would continuously make disciples who make more disciples, and we believe SOD goes a long way toward achieving that goal. For more information contact Scot Irwin or DiAnn Brown. 

    3100  | Identity in Christ

    3200 | Biblical Literacy

    3300 | Spiritual Formation

    3400 | Missional Living

  • Section 4: School of theology

    The School of Theology (SOT) is for those who would like to study seminary-level material in the local church. The School of Theology is designed to stretch you to think at more theologically sophisticated levels. Additional reading and homework may be required outside of class time. SOT typically meets on Monday evenings and will take approximately four years to complete. Click here for school of theology handouts and recordings. 

    4100  | Introduction to Apologetics (Spring 2017)

    4200 | The Triune God (Fall 2017)

    4300 | The Bible & Interpretation (Spring 2018)

    4400 | Christology & Pneumatology (Fall 2018)

    4500 | Sin, Redemption, & Reconciliation (Spring 2019)

    4600 | The Church & The Future (Fall 2019)

    4700 | The Church's Principled History (Spring 2020)

    4800 | Teaching, Preaching, & Persuasion (Fall 2020)

  • Section 5: Wednesday Night Study

    This is a brief description about WNS blah blah blah. Click here for Wednesday Night Study handouts and recordings. 

    5000 | Wednesday Night Study (Spring & Fall, yearly)