Women's Ministries

The Women's Ministry at Sunnybrook Christian Church focuses on helping women grow more mature as followers of Jesus and as committed disciple-makers. Weekly events that encourage fellowship are designed to help you get to know other Sunnybrook women so that discipleship can take place. We encourage you to attend these events so that you can engage in Christian community and more effectively serve in the body of Christ.

  • WOMEN's coffee with friends

      Coffee with Friends is a time to stop by, grab a coffee or drink or choice, or lunch, and chat with other ladies at our church. This is a great time to pause in your day and catch up with some of the lovely women of Sunnybrook. Our next coffee with friends will be Tuesday, February 6th at Aspen Fountain Square from 11am-1pm, we will save a couple tables in the back room!

  • Women's bunco night

    Come and play some BUNCO with the women of Sunnybrook! Our next BUNCO Night is April 27th at 6pm! Location TBD!


    This spring we are studying "Navigating Gospel Truth." Sign ups are open and you can register below. Groups will start the week of January 29th. The cost of the work book for the study is $20. 


  • tuesday Bible study

    Tuesday Mornings with Nancy and Jim | 9:30 am | The Hub | Men & Women Welcome

    Starting January 23rd for 10 weeks

    "ESTHER, The Silent Providence of God"

    The book of Esther reads almost like a fairy tale or movie plot. The characters include a beautiful young Jewish queen, her wise older cousin, an evil royal servant, and a self-centered king. The plot is about survival, prejudice, and politics, with plenty of drama and tension to captivate our attention. But the main character is never mentioned, not even once on a single page of the story. Yet what looks like a series of coincidences is the silent work of the main character. The providence of God is never mentioned, but the threads of his divine work are all over the story.

    God’s actions in history may not be apparent at the time. He may appear to be absent. But Esther reminds us that in spite of our inability to understand divine providence in all that transpires, none of it is beyond the reach of his hand. God worked in Esther to protect and preserve his people. The hiddenness of God is not the absence of God. He is at work whether we see it or not.

    This study teaches you how to study the Bible and dig deeper into God’s word with weekly homework lessons and class discussions. The theological perspective in the second hour ties it all together and provides practical application for living as followers of Christ.

    For a head count for books and to register for free childcare contact Nancy Fried at nanjfried@sbcglobal.net.