Corporate Prayer

"Great and merciful God,

You have made of one blood every human being created for your own delight, and you sent Jesus to proclaim perfect peace to those far and to those near: Father, we ask that all your precious people would search for you and the forgiveness you so graciously offer. Bring new brothers and sisters from all corners of the earth into the community of faith, pour out your Holy Spirit, and return soon in judgment and glory.

Restorer of all things, redeem the damage so many have done. Restore, remake, rekindle, rebuild. Heal, comfort, and repair. Knit together that which sin has torn. Use the consequences of sin to conform hearts to the heart of Christ. Teach the nations contrition and repentance, that we would fully face the consequences of our actions and choices. Teach the nations to ask forgiveness, to make restitution, and to care more for the hurts of those who have been harmed than for the hope of personal relief from the burdens of guilt.

Give us grace, Lord, to courageously stand up against evil and to not turn a blind eye to oppression. Show us ways to use the freedom we have—both as citizens of heaven and of this country—to rightly contend for justice in our communities.

Lord, you created everyone in your image. We thank you for the diversity of the many races and cultures that demonstrate some aspect of your creative character. Show us your presence in those who differ from us, and enrich our lives with their fellowship. We ask that your Spirit would increase our knowledge of your love by showing us how to love all of your precious children.

We know from Scripture that your Son came not to be served, but to serve. We remember those who give themselves in service to others and we ask you to bless their efforts. Fill them with your wisdom, your patience, and your courage, that they may strengthen those who are weak and help those who fall. Inspire those who serve the suffering, the friendless, and the needy with your love, oh God.

Forgive us, God, when we have left undone the things we ought to have done. Forgive us, God, when we have done the things we ought not to have done. Drive far from us all wrong desires, and expose is us any hatred, or, perhaps even worse, any apathy. Truly, apart from your grace, there is no health is us.

For the sake of all, oh Lord, grant wayward sinners the grace of true forgiveness and the freedom that comes as a result. Forgive them, lest they despair. Restore them, lest they be forever lost. For your pardon alone is sufficient for eternal peace, and your resurrection alone brings humanity back to the fullness of life everlasting.

We ask, Almighty God, that the words we have sung with our mouths and the words we have heard with our ears may by your grace be grafted into our hearts, and that they would produce in us the fruit of righteous lives, to the honor and praise of your glorious name, through Jesus Christ our Lord.


Prayer Compiled From: Book of Common Prayer, the Valley of Vision, and Every Moment Holy